Jason’s Deli North Carolina

Jason’s Deli offers healthy dining choices led by a forward thinking founder. Jason’s believes in providing employees with educational opportunities and the ability to empower themselves. Jason’s was the first major restaurant in the United States to ban artificial trans fats and eliminate high fructose corn syrup.

Ernie and I stopped there for lunch on the recommendation of a friend. We were a bit perplexed upon entering as we couldn’t figure out how to put our order in. There was a self serve kiosk but it was for the salad bar only. I asked the cashier what the process was for ordering. She said to look at the menu and order from her,  then take a seat and our food would be brought to our table.

Jason's deli sandwich

Jason’s deli sandwich

I chose the Famous Favorite Beefeater, Jason’s Deli’s version of the classic beef dip sandwich. I asked what the lighter portion meant and was told that meant less meat. That worked for me as I have never been a fan of over piled meat on sandwiches. I ordered the baked chips over regular chips. Soda water rounded out my meal.

Ernie chose the half pastrami and salad. He was given a bowl and piled up fresh greens, carrots, tomatoes and green olives. He also chose the baked chips.

Jason’s Deli serves a good beef dip sandwich. The bread is crusty but soft and soaks up the au jus perfectly. The roast beef was thinly sliced and cooked well. The only disappointment was the chips. Ernie and I were both expecting homemade baked chips and were very disappointed when the sandwiches were served with Lays baked chips. If you’ve ever eaten Lays baked chips you will understand our dismay. Lays baked potato chips taste like potato cardboard. That kept this blog from being a rave review.

jasons deliJason’s deli offers complimentary garlic bread, crackers,  muffins and ice cream. I found the garlic bread to be very greasy and over cooked. The cornbread muffins were bite sized and nothing to write for the recipe for. The ice cream was nice;  it reminded me of Dairy Queen soft serve ice cream.

I would go back to Jason’s Deli. This time I would order regular chips or the salad with my sandwich. The service was good,  the food solid,  the bathroom was clean and they have a wide variety of different things to choose from. From healthy salads to muffalettas,  pasta to specialty sandwiches,  there’s something for everyone.

Jason’s has six locations in North Carolina. Ernie and I went to the one in Cary, North Carolina.

Now it’s Your Turn! What’s your favorite menu item at Jason’s Deli?